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Downloadable forms and leaflets.

Joining and Managing your Details

View forms specific to join and managing your details.

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View forms specifically about savings.

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Loans and Withdrawals

View forms specifically about borrowing.

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Credit Union and Volunteering

View forms related to the Credit Union as a whole, volunteering and referring people to our services.

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This is the form you need to join the credit union - you'll also need proofs of identity and address - docProof of ID

(if you are known to an established member, this can substitute for 'proof of identity')

(junior membership is open to anyone under 18 - junior members can't apply for loans but they get interest on their savings. Junior members of 12 or over can join and withdraw money on their own signature, younger members need the signature of a responsible adult)

Please let us know if you change address or there are any other changes we should know about (eg change of mobile number)

If you lose your pass-book, please let us know and use this form to apply for a replacement.

We try to make it as easy as possible to save with the credit union

(you can use a pass book at any of our paying-in points, but some members like to set up standing orders)

(employees or pensioners of Northumberland CC - or anyone paid through their payroll department can arrange to save or pay off loans by direct payroll deduction using these forms. We would like to hear from any other businesses wanting to set up a similar arrangement for their workforce)

Here's all the information you need about how to borrow from the credit union

(please allow two weeks for processing a loan application, if possible)

(If you want to use your savings to repay some or all of your loan, for whatever reason - use this form. And there is no penalty for early repayment of loans.)

We prefer you to take out loans, but you can withdraw your savings at any time.

(age 0-11 inclusive)

(age 12-17 inclusive)

basic info about Northumberland Credit Union for agencies and organisations likely to recommend a credit union to their clients.

(confidentiality declaration undertaken by volunteers)

(we always need volunteers!)

(all volunteers can claim expenses when carrying out work for Northumberland Credit Union Ltd)

(basic information for organisations or groups of volunteers interested in running a 'Paying-In Point' for Northumberland Credit Union Ltd in their local community)

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